’Game of Chairs’ Parody By 'Sesame Street' Is Hilarious

"Can we hurry this up? I have a wedding to get to."

As the world not-so-patiently awaits the season five premiere of "Game of Thrones" on April 12, "Sesame Street" has decided to make these last few days a bit more bearable by bringing us “Game of Chairs.”


The quest to see who will be the king or queen of Jesteros consists of four players — Robb, Joffrey, Daenerys and Cersei — all competing for the Iron Throne in a fierce game of musical chairs. The event is hosted by Ned Stark, with Grover Bluejoy providing music, and there is a special appearance from Tyrion and Melisandre as well. 

The video is completely appropriate for children but contains some pretty solid GoT references for the adults watching, including:

"A mommy of dragons?!"

"I am sorry, it looks like you choked, Joffrey!"

"Don't lose your head, Neddy, baby!"

So who will win the Game of Chairs and claim leadership over Jesteros? 

Check out the hilarious video to find out:

Image credit: YouTube


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