16 Servicemen Help Wife Of A Fallen Soldier Reveal Her Baby's Gender

"The word spread and more wanted to be involved in this special event."

For Cassie Lohrey, finding out she was pregnant gave "her a reason to celebrate life again and not just walk through it." Unfortunately, she lost her husband, Hospital Corpsman 1st class Ryan Lohrey, in a plane crash earlier this year. He was headed to Arizona for military training, according to Saralyn Johnson on the Love What Matters Facebook page. 

But three weeks later, Cassie found out she was pregnant and is expecting the baby in March of 2018. "She decided the best way to announce the gender of this special gift would be to honor her husband's memory and his service on Veteran's Day. She asked a few of his friends and team members to help with the announcement," Johnson writes. "The word spread and more wanted to be involved in this special event. It soon grew to 16 servicemen to help her announce the gender of this very special baby. What an epic gender reveal!"

In a video of the reveal, Cassie can be seen standing beside the 16 servicemen with an American flag in the background. One of them says:

"Cassie Lohrey, we do hereby appoint you impregnated by Ryan Lohrey, and congratulate you on your soon-to-be new baby ..."

And with that, the servicemen pop confetti into the air, revealing that the Lohreys are having a baby girl. 

"I literally just woke up eight minutes ago and this video already has me caught in my feelin's! That baby will be beyond loved!" one person comments on the video.

Check it out below:



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