What This Artist Created From 66,000 Cups Of Water Will Leave You In Silent Awe

Every drop matters.

66,000 compostable and biodegradable cups. 

4,000 gallons of colored rainwater. 

62 hours of work.

Pair this with great determination and an important message to the masses and you get the world's largest artistic rainwater mosaic created by Canadian artist Serge Belo.

To make this large-scale artwork possible, Belo collaborated with One Drop, an international nonprofit organization established by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté. Their goal was to raise awareness on the global clean water crisis and inform people of consequences caused by the lack of drinkable water. 

The result is pretty thought-provoking, but don't take our word for it and check it out yourself below!


Belo's mosaic spans more than 3,600 square feet and consists of a myriad of colored rainwater cups.

The water was colored using vegetable dye and simulates levels of impurities found in water all over the world.

It took Belo and his volunteers more than two days to complete the immense work of art.

Placed side by side, the cups form an image of a fetus in the maternal womb. It emphasized the importance of water for each individual, even before birth.

Check out this video to see how Belo created his stunning mosaic:

According to the United Nations, 783 million people don't have access to clean water. On top of that, every 90 seconds a child dies due to waterborne illnesses.

If you want to learn more about sustainability, water management and ways to help communities in need, please visit Water.org. Be the change you want to see in the world!


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