Watch Serena Williams Deal With A Sexist Heckler — One Tennis Ball At A Time

Don't mess with Serena.

Serena Williams is no novice when it comes to standing up to men who make misogynistic comments. But in a new YouTube video, the six-time Wimbledon champion is fighting back against sexist rhetoric with a tennis racket in hand.

"Today, I'm here to express the frustrations that I have about the obnoxious things that men sometimes say about women," Williams said in the video. "I'm doing this for all womankind. And I'm kinda doing it a little for me."

In the video, which was produced by Glamour Magazine, Williams confronts a heckler named Alec, who is wearing full body protective gear. Every time Alec recites a sexist comment, Williams pelts him with a tennis ball.

"You're really talented — for a girl," Alec shouts.

Williams hurls a ball at Alec.

"How much time do you spend picking out your competition outfits?"

Alec gets bombarded with another tennis ball from Williams.


As one of the most famous female athletes, Williams is used to standing up to sexist comments. In March, William brilliantly responded to a tennis tournament CEO who said female tennis players should "go down every night on [their] knees."

"We, as women, have come a long way," Williams responded. "We shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point."

And in September, when a reporter questioned Williams' smile, she fired right back with an incredible response.

The good news is that things are improving for women in sports. This year, the NFL welcomed their first female assistant coach, and the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team fought back against wage inequality by issuing a pay discrimination complaint.


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