This Young Fan Couldn't Contain Her Excitement When Serena Williams Complimented Her

"This young lady's reaction is everything."

A young fan of Serena Williams was overjoyed when the tennis star complimented her at a recent event, and the video of her reaction is sure to put a smile on your face.

According to Fox 5 New York (via Hello Giggles), Williams was recently in Queens speaking to a group of young women from tennis clubs across New York City. The event promoted Williams' new apparel line with Nike, the Serena Williams "Queen" Collection


During the event, Williams took a second to compliment a young girl in the crowd for her "S" necklace. "I love your 'S,' " the athlete says in a video shared on Instagram by her husband Alexis Ohanian. "Thank you, I wear it just for you," the girl responds, and Williams tells her it's "so cute."

The girl can't contain her excitement over the interaction, turning to the girls around her with her mouth agape. "This young lady's reaction is everything," Ohanian wrote to caption the video, which has received more than 90,000 views. He asked followers, "What is your S?"

Earlier this year, when Williams returned to tennis after giving birth to her daughter, the star created a gold "S" pin for fans to wear to celebrate her "comeback." In an Instagram post, she explained that she hoped the letter would "mean something special to you personally."

"What is one S word in your life that means something to you?" she asked fans. "Mine is Strong and Sure! So when I wear my 'S' pin I am representing Strength, and Sureness."

We can add another "S" word to that list: success. Williams was at the top of Forbes' recent list of highest-paid female athletes, making $18.1 million between June 2017 and June 2018. This is her third consecutive year in first place. 

Cover image: Leonard Zhukovsky /


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