Serena Williams Remakes Beyoncé's '7/11' Video And The Internet Is Head Over Heels In Love With It

Alternative career path — check.

So you thought Beyoncé was the only flawless diva on this Earth who can party like this?


Nope. Serena Williams put us all in our place with her vertigo-inducing version of Queen Bey's "7/11" video.

The latest collaboration between fashion magazine Vogue and Williams, the world's number one female tennis player, proves that shaking your butt isn't an activity limited to dance floors.

Williams decided to channel her inner party queen and made her own version of Beyoncé's "7/11" video. Full of rackets, tennis balls and head-spinning GoPro shots, Williams' remake is not one bit less flawless than the original. Even  Beyoncé, who shared this video on her Facebook wall, admits it's utterly "cute."

Watch the full video below.

(H/T: Vogue)

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