This Axe-Throwing Contest Between Jimmy Fallon And Serena Williams Might Surprise You

This isn't the tennis court.

Is sports superstar Serena Williams as good at throwing axes as she is at hitting a tennis ball? Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon decided to find out Wednesday night when he challenged the living legend to an axe-throwing contest using a wooden target modeled after a classic Johnny Carson prop.


Fallon has played this game before, with actress Jennifer Lawrence. Although Lawrence had recently tried the activity on her own, the host proved to have pretty good aim. In this case, you might expect Williams to easily emerge victorious, but Fallon's skills will probably surprise you.

As it turns out, being a boss on the tennis court doesn't necessarily translate where axes are involved. Although Williams definitely shows off her strength, her throws don't quite stick to the cowboy-shaped target. Fallon also has a bit of trouble to start, but he really gets his groove by the third try. 

"Where do you want me to go? The hat?" Fallon asks the audience, who cheers its agreement. He aims for the 10-point spot, and as you can see from the above GIF, he lands it. Obviously, a victory dance is in order. 

See if Williams can beat him in the video below:


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