3 Incredible Animated Shorts About 9/11 So Well Done They're Worth The Tears

Grab those tissues.

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. It's an uncomfortable day and its weirdness seems to persist rather untainted every year. Not knowing how to properly commemorate the day is natural, especially for people who were not directly affected or who were too young to remember much of the day itself.

One important way to honor the day and the memories of the attacks' victims is by taking the time to hear their stories. StoryCorps' September 11th Initiative aims to record one story for every life that was lost during the attacks, with 1,193 stories representing 583 victims archived so far. Three of these have been gorgeously animated into short films and they do a great job depicting the network of collapsed personal universes each victim's name represents.

If you enjoy listening to these powerful stories, you can find more StoryCorps recordings from victims' loved ones here


1. "She Was the One"

Richie Pecorella remembers how the fiancée he lost during the attacks changed his life.

2. "John and Joe"

Retired firefighter John Vigiano Sr. talks about losing his two sons — one a firefighter, the other a detective — in the World Trade Center attacks.

3. "Always a Family"

Monique Ferrer received a call from her ex-husband and the father of her two children from the 103rd floor of the North Tower. Here she reflects on his life and the family they created together.


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