Sephora Just Introduced An Amazing Free Class For Men And Women Battling Cancer

“Hair loss and skin effects from cancer treatments know no gender, and we want to be a safe space for all of our clients.”

Beauty mecca Sephora carries tons of products, and offers daily classes to help people feel and look their best. Whether you're a skincare aficionado, liquid eyeliner enthusiast, or just don't feel ready without spritzing your favorite cologne, you know how happy looking your best can make you feel.   

This week, Sephora is launching a brand-new class in an effort to help instill confidence and bring happiness to cancer patients who are dealing with changes to their appearance. Its Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer classes will help to provide cosmetic solutions for cancer patients whose skin and hair have been affected by the disease. 

The class aims to help cancer patients discover techniques and products that can help them address the visible effects of the disease and its treatments. Sephora employees, some of whom are cancer survivors themselves, will share skincare tips tailored to their needs, step-by-step instructions for building natural-looking brows, and makeup techniques for creating defined eyes, among other things.

The workshops are free, 90 minutes long, and available to both men and women who are undergoing cancer treatments or recovering from cancer. "Hair loss and skin effects from cancer treatments know no gender, and we want to be a safe space for all of our clients," Corrie Conrad, Sephora's head of Social Impact, told People


The new workshop is part of Sephora's Classes for Confidence program, which is a series of complimentary classes that aim to build confidence in men and women who are going through major life transitions by teaching them makeup and skincare tips. 

"In January 2015, we [at Sephora] asked ourselves, 'Where can our strengths make a difference in our communities? What are we uniquely positioned to do?' We had this amazing infrastructure that doesn't just offer makeovers, but empowers our clients — and when we realized that for our colleagues in-store, it was all about making a connection, I thought, 'How can we use our classes to intentionally create one of those moments that are meaningful to our employees?' " Conrad told People.

The Classes for Confidence program launched in 2016 with workshops for people re-entering the workforce, followed by this class for people with or recovering from cancer. The Sephora team hopes to continue to introduce more classes in the series.

They hope it will become a place to not only learn new cosmetic techniques, but also find support, comfort, and confidence.   

Learn more about Sephora's Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer class in the video below:

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Check out the video below of a woman with cancer who's also taking on beauty standards:


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