Seniors Going Viral For 'Beastie Boys' Parody Skit

Old school rap?

Forget those stereotypes you have of senior homes as quiet and boring. Activity director, Stephanie Gumina, has created an environment opposite of that at The Belvedere assisted living facility in Ohio. 


The senior residents do a parody of ultimate party song, "Fight For Your Right," by the Beastie Boys... and they slay it.  

The seniors are obviously in on the joke with their tongue-and-cheek skit, using props that include gold chains, wigs, a whiskey bottle and an electric guitar. 

Performances like this can be a creative way to involve seniors in physical movement. Memorizing song lyrics is also a great cognitive exercise for anyone.

Most importantly, everyone seems to have had a great time. People need to socialize and participate in activities that bring happiness and laughter, and that doesn't change when someone turns 80.

Hopefully, other activity directors will take Stephanie Gumina's lead and bring more joy into senior homes. Imagine the difference it would make in their lives.

Watch the seniors bust it up with "Fight For Your Right To Party."

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