These Dancing Seniors Put The Funk In 'Uptown Funk' And It's Brilliant

This is incredible.

You know those videos where they show a senior trying to do something young and hip and everyone says "aw, look how cute" in that patronizing way? Well, this video isn't one of those. 

They're real seniors dancing in a kickass version of "Uptown Funk" and they've got some serious moves. 


The video stars singer Alex Boyé, whose voice and talent have already garnered him 110 million YouTube views. Now, his version of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" is in the spotlight, partly due to his fab background dancers. 

The dancers are between 65 and 92 years of age.

The talented cast includes "Jean's Golden Girls," a famous senior women's dance troupe from Utah.

Every one of the dancers is a grandma or a grandpa. Between them, they have 1200 grandchildren. (Who now get to see them in a hit music video!)

Seeing these seniors funk out makes us wanna dance too. Turn up the volume and see them in action.

Maybe Bruno Mars should have them as his background dancers in his next video too. 

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