11 Senior Pranks That (Probably) Won’t Get You Arrested

Because breaking the law is not recommended...

You might have heard a recent news report about seven pranksters who were arrested after releasing 72,000 ladybugs into their high school's hallways. According to Fox News, the students, who thought they were just honoring the infamous senior prank tradition, were charged with burglary, property destruction and disruption of school activities. 

Not the best way to close out your senior year. 

So with that in mind, we put together a list of brilliant senior prank ideas that (probably) won't get you arrested:


1.) Have the whole senior class hide alarm clocks around the building. Program them to go off every five minutes of the day.

2.) Let two chickens labeled "Chicken #1" and "Chicken #3" loose on school property. Everyone will be frantically searching for the implied, yet nonexistent, Chicken #2.

3.) Post hundreds of Craigslist ads under various categories and leave your school's main phone number under "contact info."

4.) Hire a mariachi band to follow your principal around for the day.

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5.) Post your school's address on OneDirection fan pages announcing an impromptu concert on the front lawn. The concert will never happen, but you guys will have more teenyboppers on your hands than anyone ever should.

6.) Trade places with your rival school.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Have the senior class of your rival school attend your classes in your place. 

Likewise, attend their classes in their place.

7.) Have the entire senior class catch the bus at one kid's bus stop with a note from their parents.

8.) Start a hashtag a week before your last day of school...

...but make sure everyone adds the most random pictures they can think of (that have absolutely nothing to do with graduation). Then create a montage to be shown at graduation under a really meaningful song.

9.) Have every senior tweet an announcement that school is cancelled tomorrow and get a successful rumor started.

10.) Put a cow on the roof. Apparently they have no problem walking up stairs but are incapable of walking down stairs.

11.) Release 72,000 FAKE ladybugs in your school's hallways. You'll probably get just as much satisfaction from pranking everybody — and you'll even manage to stay out of jail.

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