Selma Blair's Son Attempts To Make Her Look Scary, But Then Turns Her Into The Most Beautiful Lady Without Realizing It


Looks like Selma Blair has just nailed exactly how kids make us feel — beautiful and loved.

Just yesterday the actress shared two photos on her Instagram account. In the first one we can see her 4-year-old son Arthur using what appears to be red lip liner to draw on her face. The other snap shows the final result of this adorable makeover. Our hearts are officially melting.

Scroll down to see for yourself.


"There isn't one moment his little hands have touched, that I have not thanked G-d for this time," Selma Blair writes on Instagram. "He wanted to make me look scary ..."

"I have never felt more beautiful or loved."

Preach, Selma, preach.

This might not be the most glamorous look of the actress we've seen, but it doesn't mean it's any less stunning.


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