This Pole Dancer Reminds Us We Can Be Whoever We Want To Be

"I don't care what your size is — age, shape, abilities — none of that matters."

Roz Mays, a certified personal trainer and pole dance instructor, wants people to know that fitness is for everyone — no matter who we are or what we look like.

In a video for Self magazine, Mays breaks down her thoughts regarding the workout world as well as how important it is for nontraditional athletes to ignore unrealistic standards.

In doing so, May urges viewers to be the healthiest, best versions of themselves, and listen to those encouraging us, not tearing us down.

Check out five key quotes from Mays' interview below:


1. "I don't care what your size is — age, shape, abilities — none of that matters."

2. "I truely, really do believe that fitness is about just letting you enjoy your own damn life a little bit more."

3. "You can be a better version of yourself when you're a healthier version of yourself."

4. "I think it is so important for nontraditional athletes to look beyond the scope of looks. This is a huge reason why we get caught up in thinking that we don't belong somewhere ... It is so important that you remember what actually matters."

5. "I think it's important for me to just keep being my loud, dark, bold self. So that way somebody else out there who's also loud, dark, and bold can come and hang out with me."

Keep being you!


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