Selenis Leyva, from prison to governor

And the ambassador of good news for the latino community

Actress Selenis Leyva one of the stars of the 2015 SAG Award best ensemble cast in a comedy series "Orange Is The New Black", has recently joined the 'Orgullosa' program to mobilize the community of Latinas who are 'Living Fabulosa' and the next generation of Nueva Latinas to make college education a top priority for every Latino family across the nation.

Orgullosa is a community by Latinas for Latinas; for women who never settle for walking the same path but instead create a new one every day.

As part of its long-term commitment to the Latina community, this month Orgullosa is partnering with Hispanic Scholarship Fund followed by a call to action to the online community and for every new Like on Facebook, Orgullosa will donate up to an additional $15,000.

Please visit:

With your help, Orgullosa and Hispanic Scholarship Fund can increase the number of scholarships rewarded and expanded its support services to prospective college students and their families.

Hispanics often rank education as one of the most important issues, along with health care and immigration. 

On an exclusive interview the cuban-american actress, and single mom of a 12 year old girl, born and raised in New York city, emphazised on how important is the education specially for the latino communities.

In addition to her breakout role on Orange Is The New Black, Ms.Leyva is the first Hispanic Ambassador for the Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research (her brother is a Cancer survivor) and she's actively involved in the fight for LGBTrights. Selenis works closely with LGBT Human Right Organizations and Anti- Bullying Campaigns.

Selenis or 'Gloria Mendoza', her character in #OITNB, will go back to 'prison' next week to tape for a new season of the breakout hit series, in the mean time the show kicked off last night for it's 3rd season, and you will also see her in HBO's hit comedy series"VEEP", where Ms.Leyva will be making her debut as the Governor.



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