Selena Gomez Told Taylor Swift's Fans How Much Their Friendship Means To Her

"You've changed my life."

Fans at Taylor Swift's recent concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, got an exciting surprise when the star brought her friend and fellow pop star Selena Gomez on stage to perform Gomez's song "Hands to Myself." But Gomez had a surprise of her own for Swift, in the form of a heartfelt speech about their friendship.

"I have to say thank you to my best friend of about 12 years, almost 13," Gomez said, as the audience cheered. "And the reason why she has been one of my best friends is because this person has never, ever judged a single decision I've made.


"She has always met me where I've been, she's encouraged me when I've had nothing to be encouraged about," Gomez continued. "And I don't know if I'd be as strong as I am if I didn't have you and your family, because you've changed my life."

She went on to thank Swift's fans for "supporting someone that I know is the most beautiful, strong, independent woman I've ever met." The friends then shared a hug on stage.

Gomez went on to pay tribute to their friendship on social media, posting a selfie with Swift and writing, "I'm grateful for those I surround myself with. And this woman right here happens to be one of my favorites." Meanwhile, Swift had a few touching words of her own to share.

"To the person I could call at any time of day, who has been there no matter what... you absolutely KILLED IT tonight and everyone was so excited to see you," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the pair together on stage. "I love you, and 60,000 people at the Rose Bowl loved you too."

It's not the first time Gomez has publicly honored a friend. In December, she recognized Francia Raisa, who donated a kidney for her, in an acceptance speech for Billboard's Woman of the Year award. "To be honest, I think Francia should be getting this award because she saved my life," she said.

Watch the friends' performance and Gomez's speech below:

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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