Selena Gomez Has The Best Reactions To Clever British Pick-Up Lines

Ladies, watch out for the 12-year-old.


Ah, the pick-up line: a source of laughter and cringe-worthy discomfort throughout the ages as people around the world look for love — often in all of the wrong places, but occasionally in the right ones, too.

Though romance speaks many different languages, singer-actress Selena Gomez took time out of her busy schedule as Taylor Swift's bestie to chat during a BBC Radio 1 program about some very English pick-up lines.

During the recent broadcast, host Cel Spellman asked Gomez to respond to his callers' pick-up lines, and her reactions were caught on film. 

Being the good sport that she is, Selena — at first — seemed mortified at the prospect of what the fans might have to say, but in the end, seemed to have a blast and appeared happy to have taken the risk. She even offered a few critiques of the amorous comments — and warned listeners about a 12-year-old caller named Max, whose flirting game is already on-point. (Gomez is admittedly waiting until Max is legal.)

Search engine Google, an algebra equation, and the fabric making up a shirt are all featured in the chuckle-worthy clip above. If you try any of them out the next time you're on the town, let us know the results in the comments.

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)

Cover image: BBC Radio 1 via YouTube


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