18 Strange Secrets People Kept From Their Significant Others Until After The Wedding

Trust no one.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ... secrets that you never knew your significant other had. 

That's the takeaway from the Reddit thread started by user fatalbeatingsr. They posed the question: "What secret did your spouse keep from you until after you were married?" and the responses ranged from hilarious to awesome to completely awful.

If these are actually true, marriage just got a whole lot more mysterious. Here are a few of the secrets husbands and wives apparently declined to reveal until post-wedding:


Their hatred for cologne

"That he hated the cologne I have been buying him for five years. He still wore it all the time but didn't want to hurt my feelings." — creemer

Their secret savings account

"That she set up a separate account and started throwing money into it. She started saving the day I proposed and kept saving until after we'd been married for 3 years. She saved up the same amount of cash I spent on her engagement ring and surprised me with my dream motorcycle. Dream bike, dream wife, dream life." — reveen_

Their farting capacity

"We were together five years before we married and he never farted in front of me. Once we were married...... I had no idea someone could fart that loud and that often. Good lord." — stormreddit

Their STD

"Herpes. Wish I was kidding. Found out from her obstetrician when she was six months pregnant and we went in for an appointment and his first question to her was, 'How's the herpes, any flare ups?'" — kokaneeranger

Their lack of bladder control

"We dated for 5 years before we were married, and during the first year of our marriage, I found a stash of incontinence pants in her cupboard when I was hanging her clothes up. I asked her about it, expecting to hear that she has occasional accidents, as I knew her bladder was weak, but I never expected the extent of it. She burst into tears and confessed." — throwawayincontinent

Their cross-dressing habit

"That he likes to wear womens clothing. Not always in a sexual way either. I just came home one day and there he was sitting in my favorite pair of panties and my silk robe just playing video games." — throwaway81991

Their sports-watching habits

"That he likes to watch sports. It's such a silly thing to hide. He even sneak watched it for the first year or so into our marriage." — thesliperyslope

Their eating disorder

"I've been married for almost 12 years, together more than 16, and found out roughly three years ago that my wife has/still suffers from bulimia. It was so bad a few years ago that she had a nervous breakdown and we sent her to a program to cope with the disease. While there are relapses and I expect she will deal with this the rest of our lives together, she's doing great." — afm0455

Their phobia of Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out"

"I promise you this is legit. My wife just revealed to me she is terrified of Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out". She says they sound very angry and it makes her very upset. I wouldn't say she HID this from me....but it's an interesting development."  — custommadeGJ

Their affair with your sister

"That he had fooled around with my sister when we were still just best friends." — heatherwhatever

Their dyslexia

"I got married on Friday. Wife broke down Sunday and admitted her dyslexia is worse than she told me in he past. She struggles to read, yet reads a lot and gets anxiety in social situations where she may be asked to read aloud." — jimmyrustlez

Their inability to stand watching comedic TV shows

"Fairly minor, but my wife can't watch sitcoms. Not because she thinks they're stupid, or just not funny, but because she gets embarrassed by the situations in the shows." — blamb211

Their parents are millionaires

"Multi-millionaires" to be exact.

Their near-crippling anxiety

"The fact that she's an anxious, neurotic mess. I had no idea. She seemed so chill before we got married. We were together for over a year before I asked her and another six months of wedding plans. Still, once that ring was on her finger, the truth came out in her behavior. It's not easy, but I lover her anyway." — DO_NOT_GILD_ME

Their age

"My wife was actually 7 years older than she claimed to be. I was mildly surprised when I found out; that was about it." — someguysaid

Their personality, in general

"She was an introvert disguised as an extrovert until we were married. Once we tied the knot she shut the blinds, locked the doors, and turned our house into a cave." — jordanupnorth

Their murder they committed, that one time

"Killing a guy. Seriously. I left him shortly after." — tinydeathclaw

Their history of being a sperm donor

"Big time sperm donor.......... I guess I'll be meeting my step children in 18 years or less." — zoemckenn

So couples, let this be a lesson. Honesty is usually the best policy.


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