Ever Wonder What Victoria's Secret Models Do Differently To Stay In Shape? This Is Their Secret.

We can't believe it's butter.

According to Tiffany Fiedler, dietitian to the stars, there is one secret weapon keeping every Victoria's Secret model looking thin.



Believe it or not, the secret is: BUTTER

According to Fiedler, butter has lots of good trans fats which act as metabolism stimulators in female bodies. Sure, it's counterintuitive and the opposite of what we've always been taught, but... 

Those stomachs are all pretty flat — thanks to butter.

"For decades, women have been under the impression that butter is the enemy," Fiedler told A+."But I tell my clients to consume roughly three ounces of butter each day, and I've seen tremendous results." 

April Fools! Butter will not make you thinner, people. (But we had you going there, didn't we?)

The real takeaway?

Eat food that makes you feel healthy and happy, because what's really sexy is CONFIDENCE.


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