This Deodorant Ad Captures What It Is Like To Be A Transgender Person Using A Public Bathroom

"There's no wrong way to be a woman."


We have seen beauty campaigns with transgender models, but they do not always tackle some of the pressing issues that gender-fluid people face today. That is why it is great to see that Secret's latest #StressTest deodorant campaign (above) did not shy away from highlighting one of the more difficult everyday struggles for transgender people: using public bathrooms that match their gender identity. 

In the Deodorant brand's first ad featuring a trans person, Secret cast self-described "androgynous queer artist" Karis Wilde as Dana. Dana is in a bathroom stall when she hears two other women enter. She must then decide whether she should remain where she is or go out to where the other women can see her.

After debating it, Dana makes the brave decision to leave the stall.

As Dana exits, the ad reads, "Dana finds the courage to show that there is no wrong way to be a woman."

Secret has covered some important topics in past ads, including women asking for a raise and getting through relationship problems. We are thrilled to now see them also starting a conversation about genderqueer people, and that they are showing how a little acceptance can help make life easier and better for all of us. 

Commenters on social media are showing their support and saying how they can relate to the video, too. One wrote on Wilde's Instagram, "I felt you in that ad, sister. I definitely share in that moment of anxiety and uncertainty."

Another wrote on the Secret Deodorant Instagram page, "This is an excellent commercial. I love the message of acceptance and understanding. I am a trans person who can relate to this and I most definitely support your brand!"

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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