Second-Grader Is On A Mission To Say 'Thank You' To Every NYPD Officer

He's visiting every single precinct.

Seven-year-old Zachary Becerra of Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood is showing his gratitude to the men and women rightfully called "New York's Finest": the police officers of NYPD.

Beyond the character-building aspect, it's a great exercise for the second-grader given his career goals: he wants to work his way up to the office of top brass. When asked by ABC7NY what he wants to be when he grows up, he responded, "police officer, then chief, then police commissioner."

After the murders of NYPD Dets. Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu last December, Zachary decided he wanted to show his appreciation to police officers in all 76 precincts in New York City's five boroughs.
"He couldn't understand why someone would do that," Zachary's mother Rosa Ortiz told ABC7NY. "He was like, 'I want to do something.' "


So Zachary and his mom started delivering superhero cards to NYPD precincts every weekend, visiting officers all over the city.

Courtesy of Rosa Ortiz.
Courtesy of Rosa Ortiz.

According to ABC 7 News, he's handed out more than 2,000 cards at 52 precincts.

Courtesy of Rosa Ortiz.

Zachary even makes sure to thank the NYPD's four-legged crimefighters.

Courtesy of Rosa Ortiz.

"He really loves the K-9 Unit," Ortiz told us. "He says that's where he would like to work in."

Courtesy of Rosa Ortiz.

And when the NYPD mourns one of its own, Zachary mourns with them.

This is the letter he wrote after Queens Det. Brian Moore was killed in May of this year.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with officers taking time to express their appreciation and encourage Zachary's dream of joining their ranks.

"All the officers have been amazing with him," his mother, who has posted photos of Zachary's project on her Twitter account, told us by email. "They have given him patches, book bags, stuffed animals, each precinct has their own coin and he has received a few of those. They sit down with him and tell him how much this means to them. He has made a lot of the officers' day, they always tell him that. He has addressed some precincts by telling them how he thanks them for their hard work and for the officers to continue to do good work."


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