You Can Cook Bacon With A Gun. Here's How.

Oh, so this is how you're supposed to do it.

Is this how you normally cook bacon?


Is your mouth watering yet? 

Well, you're doing it wrong.

Because the correct, more American way to cook bacon is to exercise your second amendment rights.  

According to YouTuber and professional gunner Dustin Ellermann you should "use a Gemtech TREK 5.56mm suppressor heated by firing 90ish rounds of wolf 223 on a registered pre-86 M16 lower" to cook the perfect bacon. 

WARNING — Definitely don't try this at home unless you are a professional like Ellermann. 

Step 1: Wrap your bacon around a gun.

Step 2: Wrap tin foil around the bacon.

Step 3: Ready, aim, fire!

Step 4: Let 'em cook for a bit.

Step 5: Take the cooked bacon off the gun.

Step 6: Bon Appetit.

Watch the full video here:

For a safer, more reasonable way to cook your favorite morning meal, check this out.  

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