Sean O'Connell Knows How To Have A Some Fun With his Opponents Before A Fight

Mind games or pure fun?

Sean O'Connell has a unique way of preparing for a fight: by goofing off.

The light heavyweight UFC fighter who majored in Psychology at Utah is either keen on getting in people's heads or all about staying loose before a big fight. 


Either way, you get a lot of this:

The tactic seems to work more often than not. O'Connell boasts a 16-6-0 record in the UFC, where he is mostly recognized for his punching power. 

And this:

Here is the selfie from the GIF above:

Obviously, O'Connell can't just goof around in these weigh ins without any repercussions. Sometimes, he has to give fighters a heads up about his "antics" or ask for permission to have a little fun. All too often we've seen weigh ins get a bit more frisky than they're supposed to, and O'Connell knows that's not always a good thing. 

Here he is explaining why he does what he does:

It should be known, though, that O'Connell's flamboyant attitude is not an isolated occurence in the UFC. In fact, he has some stiff competition for most eccentric pre-fight acts. 

Just check out Tom Lawlor:

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