When The Seahawks Lost, One Guy Had A Camera Filming His Family Room


When it comes to fandom, few had it rougher than the Seattle Seahawks' faithful this week.

After one of the most improbable catches in football history, the Seahawks were just feet away from scoring a touchdown against the New England Patriots to seal their second consecutive Super Bowl victory. 

With one of the best running backs in the NFL, it seemed the Seahawks' fate was all but sealed: Give Marshawn Lynch the ball a few times, and walk away with one of the hardest trophies to get in all of sports.

Instead, Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll made one of the most scrutinized calls in football memory, opting to pass instead of handing it off to Lynch. The result was an interception by Malcolm Butler, a little known 24-year-old cornerback who was working in a Popeyes five years ago. And, of course, a heartbroken Seattle fanbase.

But we have some (hopefully) comforting news for you, Seahawk nation: You were not alone. There were a lot of Seahawk fans watching and a lot sharing your pain as the game ended, so at least find solace that you are in this with a family of fans to help you get over it. 

You can witness the ups and downs of this Sunday's Superbowl above in the 10-minute highlight clip of a group of family and friends watching the game together. Uploaded by the YouTube user csproductions87, the video includes final few minutes of the game, and their heartbreaking reactions. Just skip to the eight-minute mark.

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