This Is What Happens When You Attach A GoPro To A Sea Turtle


This week, World Wildlife Fund Australia released a video celebrating the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef. It features two conservationists attaching a GoPro to the back of a sea turtle, who then provides a turtle's-eye view of the reef.

What's so special about the GBR?

The reef stretches for 1430 miles in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Not only is it the largest reef alive, it is also the largest living structure in the entire world. The reef is an ecosystem that is home to thousands of different species of marine plants and animals. 

Sadly, this amazing, biodiverse reef is in danger.


There are a number of factors that are putting great strain on the Great Barrier Reef and are threatening its future. Ocean acidification due to climate change, destruction from tourism, and rampant pollution are incredibly harmful to the reef and threaten the existence of all of the animals — including the sea turtles — who make their homes there.

Fortunately, WWF reports that a ban on dumping at the GBR will be coming soon, and should cease entirely within the next few months. Pressure on the Australian government to enforce strict regulations came from The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee as well as a petition signed by over half a million supporters of the World Wildlife Fund.

By increasing the number of people who learn about the Great Barrier Reef, it also increases the number of people wanting to protect it and who are willing to speak out on its behalf. 

Allow this sea turtle to show you a little bit about its home and why it is worth protecting:

So what do you guys think? Can we save this sea turtle's home?

[Via: World Wildlife Fund Australia]

[Header image: screenshot via YouTube]


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