In Series Of Precious Photos, This Toddler Celebrates Her Grandma Who Beat Cancer

"Nonnie is cancer free. Let's party!"

Three-year-old Scout Larson gained Internet fame earlier this month when she dressed up as female icons — such as Adele, Carrie Fisher, and Frida Kahlo — and the photos went viral. But now, Scout's rocking a new look, celebrating one incredibly strong woman she loves: her grandmother. 

Scout's mother, Ashley, told A Plus that she started photographing Scout when her own mother, 57-year-old "Nonnie" Diane Willoughby, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"As I planned and styled the outfits, I found myself gravitating more toward strong, fierce women," she said. "I didn't want to portray Scout as dainty and delicate because that's not what women are. I was watching my mother totally kick cancer's butt, and I could not believe the amount of strength that took. Women are fighters!"

Thankfully, Diane is now cancer-free, and Ashley has turned the camera on her.

In one side-by-side shot, both Scout and Diane rock matching party hats and shirts relaying the positive news: "Nonnie is cancer free. Let's party!" Scout's shirt reads. "I am cancer free. Let's party!" Diane's reads.


Photo courtesy of Ashley Larson

"[Scout] thinks my mom is tough as nails!" Ashley tells PEOPLE.  "She tells everyone, 'My Nonnie has her hair back, she's not sick anymore.'"

Ashley plans on turning all the photos into a book for her mother and daughter, according to the magazine. 

"I know that Scout can't fully comprehend everything about the breast cancer right now, but I want her to have it for later to look at," Ashley says. "My ultimate hope is that once she is my age and can totally grasp the fact that women are fierce, not dainty and delicate — she will see that in her own grandmother."

And hopefully, young girls — and women of all ages — will see these images and know how strong they are, too. 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Larson
Photo courtesy of Ashley Larson
Photo courtesy of Ashley Larson


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