Gov. Scott Walker Has A Hilariously On-Brand Response To The Media's Critique Of His Instagram

The governor was under heat for his 'boring' Instagram account.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took a lot of heat for his Instagram, but his response was picture-perfect.

The 49-year-old is an active user of social media, and last week WIRED published an entire article about the governor's Instagram use. Unfortunately, it was not very complimentary.

"The mundanity is chilling, the repetitiveness dizzying, and all of it from a former presidential candidate who ostensibly employs a staff that should know better," Ashley Feinberg wrote.


Walker frequently posts photos atypical of the average politician's account, including blurry ones — a huge faux pas in social media etiquette. 

"Another ham and cheese sandwich for lunch today," he captioned the above photo.

But when Feinberg's piece began being shared widely, Walker decided to have some fun in response. He took to Twitter and Instagram to upload a photo of a Miller Lite, and asked if he could buy a beer for whoever was hating on his social media account.

"For those in the liberal media who don't like my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I have a simple response: Can I get you a beer?" he wrote. 

And while it's obvious Walker was just having a little fun, the back and forth is a bit more notable considering the current political climate. In the last few months, the presidential administration and the press have seemed at war (although the latter has repeatedly maintained that by critiquing those in power, journalists are just doing their jobs). Congressional Republicans — many of whom share views similar to Walker's — have echoed much of the administration's sentiment. Last June, Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte assaulted Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, just hours before voting in the Montana special election began.

Maybe — just maybe — things might be a bit more civil if occasionally, when faced with people who disagreed with us or disliked us, we invited them out for a beer, instead of venting on Twitter.


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