Intricate Drawings Created On The Rear Windows Of Dirty Cars

One man's dirt is another man's canvas.

While most people get frustrated when their shiny cars are covered in dirt, Texas-based artist Scott Wade can't hold in his excitement.


Wade has an unconventional hobby: he likes to doodle on the rear windows of dirty cars.

Wade says he's been drawing like this since childhood, but in the summer of 2003 he decided to kick it up a notch.

"I love trying to reproduce the old masters' paintings, but really, I’m willing to try almost anything. To me it’s not so much the subject, but the beauty of the medium that attracts me," Wade says.

Usually, it takes about an hour and a half to finish a piece. However, Wade says he's also dreamed up doodles that only took him a few minutes to create.

Drawing in dust might seem like a very ephemeral art form, but Wade says it's not entirely so.

"The wind and turbulence caused by driving down the road really doesn't affect the drawings much. But a good downpour does!" Wade jokes.

According to the artist, Dirty Car Art pieces are ever-changing due to external conditions (morning dew, light rain, addition of more dust, etc.), but that's part of the beauty.

And thanks to his interesting technique, Wade's work has been featured in ad campaigns, PR stunts, and corporate events.

Watch this video to hear Wade talk more about his art.

Visit Wade's website to see more of his incredible work online.

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