'The Scorch Trials' First Trailer Was Just Released. Here's Everything We Now Know About the Movie.

"The Maze Runner" was just the beginning.

"The Maze Runner" isn't just a movie — It's a mystery. The first film in the young adult trilogy, based off the books by James Dashner, left viewers with a burning need to know what happens next. Why was the Maze created? Who's behind WCKD? What happened to cause the collapse of our civilization? Well, if those questions have been haunting you since you saw "The Maze Runner" in theaters last year, it's your lucky day: The first trailer for "The Scorch Trials," the second film in the series, has finally been released. 

If you've read "The Maze Runner" novels, you know what happens in the story's second installment. But if you're trying to keep your "Scorch Trials" experience completely spoiler-free, don't read beyond this point, because this trailer reveals some information we were not expecting. Though the film won't come out until September, there's still plenty to parse through in the two minute promo below. Unfortunately, it raises just as many new questions as it does answers, and considering there's a third movie coming out, we may not be completely satisfied for some time.


But don’t despair, fellow fans. Let’s check out what this new trailer has to offer.

Here's everything we now know:

There is more than one maze.

The boys quickly learn they were not the only kids subjected to gruesome experiments. As Minho, played by actor Ki Hong Li, announces to Thomas, played by Dylan O'Brien, there was at least one other maze. The trailer doesn't reveal any new characters, so we don't yet know anything about these Gladers, but those who read the novel can attest that they differ from the original group in one very significant way.

Thomas and his friends aren't safe yet.

Sure, escaping the Maze was tough and all, but that adventure is going to look like piece of cake compared to surviving the Scorch. At least, that's how it appears in this trailer. In the Maze, there was always the possibility of being mauled by a giant mechanical monster, but at least food and shelter were provided. Out in the Scorch, a giant, uninhabited desert, the boys will be completely on their own. Their trials are just beginning.

WCKD is growing people... Maybe.

The creepiest image from the trailer only lasts for a second, but that's long enough to raise a whole slew of questions. In the shot, unmoving people hang from the ceiling, suspended by thick tubes or wires that attach to their skulls. What could this mean? Nothing good, that's for sure. Were the Gladers once kept inside this same compound, held captive in the same way? Are those people even alive? What is going on? 

Thomas will have his loyalty tested.

Thomas is a good person who has demonstrated his loyalty to his fellow Gladers time and again. But we also know he has some sort of connection to WCKD in his past. Janson, played by Aiden Gillen, is a new character who seems to offer Thomas some type of deal in the trailer. Will Thomas betray his friends for a chance at freedom, or just the opportunity to know what actually happened to him and his society? Janson certainly doesn't act like a good guy, but who can tell? Thomas himself may turn out to be fighting on the wrong side. 

"Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" premiers September 18.

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