Scope It Out: Lifestyle Tips For Your May Horoscope

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Scope it Out is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we take a lighthearted approach to horoscopes, and provide lifestyle advice based on each zodiac sign to optimize the positivity in your month. 

OK, many would agree that the science behind horoscopes is rather questionable. This, however, doesn't make reading them any less fun. To make things even more exciting, we paired your horoscope with some seriously cool recommendations for the month of May.

Scroll through this sign-by-sign guide for lifestyle tips based on your horoscope:

Taurus says: Slow down. Catch your breath. Give yourself a chance to clear your mind, then set out again in search of whatever you're looking for. 

We recommend: Gear up for a weekend getaway with your BFF or significant other. Read books, sip red wine, and have long conversations about love, the meaning of life, your fears, favorite TV shows as a kid, and magic.

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Gemini says: You're a fabulous conversationalist, but on the 8th and 9th, your flirting game is in the spotlight. Whatever you want, you should be able to get it by just asking for it in your own unique way. 

We recommend: Get your flirty groove on and a killer outfit to match it.


Maria DeSimone at says: Expect plenty of change in your social life this month starting as early as May 6. You might reconnect with old friends you haven't seen in ages. It's also possible that you'll have to navigate through a messy situation with at least one of your pals. The good news is that it appears your social life will experience some type of makeover that ultimately will serve to benefit you. Be open to attending a meeting for a club or organization you are interested in.

We recommend: Get ready to sip some yummy cocktails in style. If the opportunity to attend a meeting for a club or organization doesn't present itself, simply throw a spring party for your closest friends yourself.


Maria DeSimone at says: Your career path might feel chaotic this month. Although there will be plenty of opportunities, at the same time, you'll need to exercise patience and restraint before you leap into something new. Make sure you tie up all loose ends connected to old projects or goals early in the month.

We recommend: The timing has never been more right to channel your inner #bosslady, so go ahead.

Virgo says: Don't you just love it when someone comes along on the 1st and disrupts all of the hard work and effort you've put into making sure that your own little area is neat, tidy, and organized?! No! Still, try to be patient as you pick up, stack, and re-stack the components of your masterpiece. 

We recommend: Occasional disruptions in life can't be avoided, but it's important to keep your cool. Why not grab a yoga mat and head for a meditation session? Ohmmm ... feels less stressful already.

Libra says: [This May], you truly do not have to compete with anyone around you. Try to realize that you are a special and unique person. Hold your head up high and give yourself credit for all of the good things that you do. Love yourself just as you are because when you do then other people will naturally love you, too.

We recommend: Since stars are on your side, it's the perfect time to experiment with your outfits. Do you usually opt for gray, black, and neutrals? This month, step out of your comfort zone and stir things up by picking bold colors.


Maria DeSimone at says: This month, you and your partner will make pivotal changes in your relationship, ultimately strengthening your union for a long time to come. It all begins with communication. Mercury will continue to travel retrograde in your partnership sector until May 22. While this initially manifests as misunderstanding, it will ultimately draw your attention to where you both need to make an effort to understand each other more.

We recommend: Instead of your usual date night at a bar, head to a park for a romantic picnic and spend some quality time outdoors. Grab a picnic basket, pack a blanket, maybe even go an extra mile and bake macaroons from scratch. 

Sagittarius says: This is the time to make an impression on others; it is also a very good time to make new starts or to change direction. Your health and vitality are good, and this is a great month to start a new diet, or to try out new diets or new health kicks.

We recommend: This month, spend more time outdoors. Go on a hike, just don't forget sunscreen and to keep yourself hydrated.

Capricorn says: This is a time where you can be very confused, and it is impossible to follow your intuition as it is sending you mixed messages. You are best not making major decisions or instigating any important discussions as you are just not in tune right now — you feel off kilter, as if you are a radio station with a scratchy signal. Back to basics is the advice — stick to the tried and tested for the moment, and concentrate on the essential.

We recommend: To avoid wasting energy on trying to decide what to wear each and every day, this month experiment with creating yourself a uniform. Like Steve Jobs and his iconic turtleneck paired with blue jeans, you can surely create your own signature look, too. What about something Parisian chic?

Aquarius says: You might not think you make much of a difference in the world, but on the 1st your life is an inspiration to others. As you get out there and do what you do best, others look on in awe and amazement at what you're able to accomplish [...].  Your curiosity fuels you, and your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. 

We recommend: Clean your closet. Donate items you no longer wear. Instead of focusing on fads and fast-fashion trends, think about ways to consume less, invest in sustainably produced pieces that will last you years and that do not harm the environment. Find time to watch The True Cost documentary. Make a difference.

Pisces says: You may surprise yourself in May 2016 in terms your emotional response to people, especially in the family environment; sometimes an emotion or feeling can jump out of nowhere and take hold of you. Often, you may feel as if you do not even know yourself.

We recommend: Relax in a bath, put on a facial mask, get a good night's sleep. Find time to treat yourself because you surely deserve it.


Maria Desimone from says: An incredibly supportive New Moon in your earned income sector on May 6, suggests a brilliant opening for you when it comes to your ability to increase your cash flow. Since Mercury is also retrograde in the same area of your chart, you might be ready to go back to an old marketing idea and flesh it out. Or you may be ready to begin developing a talent that you have had all along but somehow felt blocked exploring.

We recommend: Create a space that boosts your creativity. Light some candles, get uplifting tunes playing, and off to explore your ideas.


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