Scope It Out: Lifestyle Tips For Your August Horoscope

Start this month off right.


Scope it Out is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we take a lighthearted approach to horoscopes, and provide lifestyle advice based on each zodiac sign to maximize the positivity in your month. 

For many people, checking your monthly horoscope is on the top of the to-do list every month. And though they aren't exactly backed by science, they can help inspire us to accomplish certain goals each month — and, of course, they're pretty fun to read. 

So, in an effort to help you make the most out of your August horoscope, we've rounded up lifestyle products and tips that correlate to all the things the stars are saying. From soothing spa products to #treatyourself to fresh workout gear to bump up your exercise game, here are things you can use to make August the best it can be. 


Astrology King says: "You will find it easier to express your identity and be yourself. The focus is now on you and your goals for the year ahead. Time to draw a line under the previous year and to make a confident fresh start. Individuality and expression of that comes easier because it is the self that is in focus. The extra energy is put to best use by expressing what you want, what your goals are, and getting the ball rolling. This is the best transit of all for setting new goals."

We recommend: It's your birthday month! Like your horoscope says, use this month to set up all your goals for the coming year. We find writing down your goals helps motivate you to make them happen, so pick up some fresh planners, get organized, and get going.


Astrology King says: "Venus in your decan from August 29 to September 7 allows for full expression of your love nature and creativity. You should feel beautiful and your friendly aura will attract beautiful people and things. An excellent time for giving and receiving love and affection, spending time with loved ones and socializing with friends. This is the ideal time for dating, buying gifts and making extra cash."

We recommend: Embrace such creativity by picking up a polaroid camera and photographing all that nature has to offer in your area. Or, grab some art supplies and paint a scene from a local park on a warm day. As for dating and socializing, try finding a new blazer that you can wear out this summer and through the fall, too. We recommend one with a slouchy feel so that you can wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt with jean shorts in the summer, and then with a pair of jeans when it's cooler outside. 


Maria DeSimone at says"This could be a banner month for your career. If you're looking to start a new business venture, aim to begin shortly after the New Moon on August 2. This lunation will fall in your 10th House of Profession and Success, allowing you to make incredible progress with your goals. This will also be the time to reach for a promotion or to make a splash in your industry by showing off the most creative talents you've got."

We recommend: Jazz up your workspace with new desk accessories, like a cool new lamp or clock. Pick up a fresh new work tote bag or channel your inner boss-lady with a cheeky statement bag like the one below. 


Astrology King says"You are much more self-assertive than usual and this could cause arguments or conflict with others because of your desire to win at all costs. Physical activity is especially favored so competing hard to win in team or individual contests is ideal to express this fiery energy."

We recommend: Get out that "fiery energy" with exercises such as a team soccer game or by partnering with a friend for a killer ab workout. And to help motivate you, we've picked out some trendy workout gear you can pick up this month.

Capricorn says: "The 5th and 6th are great days to bond with people, and if you have to do it remotely, it doesn't diminish the experience. You're lucky to have acquaintances all over the globe who think enough of you to reach out in whatever way they can. Technology is amazing. You love it when a plan comes together, and the 15th and 16th are especially satisfying days for this."

We recommend: Plan a trip or activity with people you haven't seen in awhile. Whether that means traveling internationally to see those living all over the globe or picking a local spot to gather with friends, make time to bond with those special people in your life. And since you'll probably be planning most of this over the phone or computer, we think now's the perfect time to get some new cases as well as travel accessories.


Maria DeSimone at says: "Relationships -- and your social life in general -- are on fire this month! First, a New Moon in your partnership sector on August 2 will be helpful if you and your mate are looking for a fresh start in your relationship. You might begin an exciting project together -- one that allows you to manifest a shared goal. Another possibility is that you've been dating someone for a while and will decide it's time to make an exclusive commitment. This could be marriage, but it can also be an engagement or deciding to move in together. A Full Moon in your sign on August 18 adds to the personal and emotional fulfillment you'll enjoy. Wonderful!"

We recommend: Spruce up your wardrobe in preparation for all of these social outings. Whether it's a new work-friendly trouser, a date-night top, or a dress for that upcoming engagement party, we've got you covered.


Maria DeSimone at says: "This month will be exceptional for you professionally. On August 2, two key astrological events take place and both will help you get ahead. First, a New Moon in your work sector promises that you'll have the pick of the litter in assignments. You might even land your dream job during the first half of the month if you're searching for new work. If you're a business owner and need to hire staff, aim for shortly after this lunation to interview."

We recommend: An impressionable outfit is essential for interviews during your job searches. That said, now could be the time to invest in a good suit, a comfortable pair of work shoes, a professional bag, or whatever your professional wardrobe really needs.


Maria DeSimone at says: "If you're single, it's quite possible that you're about to meet someone special after August 2. He or she will have the power to sweep you off your feet and truly capture your heart! You might meet this person at your local gym or while you're at a doctor's office waiting for your appointment. It's also possible that this person will be in the health care industry. If you're already in a relationship, then it's possible that you and your love are considering starting a family. Alternatively, you might spend the gorgeous New Moon energy focused on initiating a creative endeavor near and dear to your heart.... Or, you might be ready to take the leap and book the dream vacation abroad you've always yearned for."

We recommend: Like we recommended for Capricorns this month, get your travel gear in order before booking your dream vacation. Try buying a go-to bathing suit, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, or luggage tags so you can quickly identify your bags and get on with your trip.


Maria DeSimone at says: "Get ready for a happy new start in your domestic world. It's possible that after August 2, you'll begin a new home renovation or decorating project, and if so you'll absolutely love it. It'll bring more life and overall joy to your living space. Another possibility is that you'll hear exciting news from a family member during the first half of the month. Someone might announce that they are expecting a baby or have found the love of their life."

We recommend: Fill your home with bright new accents this month such as new artwork, coffee table reads, or fresh flowers and plants. Whether you shop for decorations or take on a DIY project, use this as an opportunity to get creative and make your space your own. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "If you're a writer, it's possible that you'll begin a new project after August 2 that you'll find exceptionally creative and fun. This might be the book you've always wanted to write, but it may also be another project that makes you jump for joy! Alternatively, if you're in the sales industry, you may find that you are doing quite well during the first half of the month. Your charm and vitality will be difficult for others to resist...In other news, it's possible that you're taking an exam near August 18 to receive a license or certification to help you further your [long-term] goals. A publishing, broadcasting, or advertising opportunity might also come to fruition now."

We recommend: For all those writers and creatives out there, get out your notebooks and start your writing engines! And for all those studying, make sure you have all the supplies you need to succeed. 

Cancer says: "Give yourself a break. The 23rd and 24th are perfect for entertaining, which is something you love to do. You can do it up fancy and cook a five-course meal for your family or go casual and have some friends over for drinks and snacks. Either way, you're happy to be the host with the most!"

We recommend: Give yourself a break with a relaxing at-home spa night or ordering in your favorite meal and kicking back for a movie. Then, if you do love hosting, throw a small party with a few key party accents that are sure to impress your guests. 

Leo says:"Don't waste the heaping dose of determination you get on the 3rd and 4th. You know that one thing you've been wanting to do but just kept putting off? Do it now, while you're both willing AND able. Seriously, what are you waiting for? You've got a great group of people around you on the 7th, 8th, and 9th, and when you pool all of your resources there's pretty much nothing you can't do. How will you make the world a better place? Because you guys really have the capability to make a difference."

We recommend: At A Plus, we look to highlight people and brands who are on a mission to make a positive difference in the world, so if you're looking to make the world a better place, you can start by making small lifestyle choices that will give back to others. For example, purchase a shirt from Umano (with graphics designed by kids), and the brand will donate a backpack of art supplies to a child in need. Or, trade in your shower products for Ethique's, a sustainable company that uses biodegradable ingredients to save the environment from waste. You can also make your wardrobe a more sustainable one by purchasing lifelong essentials from brands like Zady, Reformation, and Outdoor Voices.

Now get out and have the best August yet!


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