These Couples Kissing Are Beautiful And It's Time To End The Awkwardness Surrounding Disabilities


We all know that kissing can sometimes be pretty awkward. Look no further for proof than these 13 Most Awkward Movie Kisses, Rated

But if a person also happens to have a disability, things can get even more uncomfortable — or some so might perceive it to be.

To challenge that, and to celebrate International Kissing day, Scope (UK-based organization advocating for equal rights for people with disabilities) released the most heartwarming video. The video features couples kissing, where one of the partners in each couple has a disability.

According to statistics, two people out of three feel awkward around those with a disability, Scope's website explains. By showcasing couples with and without disabilities, the video hopes to encourage us all to "Kiss awkward goodbye." 


Kisses are kind of awkward already.

Maybe it's time to chill out a bit and just enjoy?

"The film shows that when you get down to it — literally — we're all the same and it's about personal connection and chemistry," Scopes' YouTube channel states. "We want people to ditch their assumptions about disability, get over their awkwardness and just relax. Dating, sex and relationships can be awkward at the best of times. It's always better to just chill out a bit."

Make sure to watch the entire video.

Xoxo, folks.

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