7 Ways Babies Are Weirder Than You Thought

Oh, baby!

Babies. They're adorable and we love them, but let's be real: they're a little strange at times. 

Of course, it's not really their fault: they aren't old enough to understand social norms that frown on licking the family dog, sticking their hands into a full diaper before wiping it on Grandma, or screaming as loud as humanly possible in the middle of a store because they suddenly realized they were wearing socks.

But the weirdness of kids doesn't end at how they act. Even the way they grow seems pretty unusual.


Across the animal kingdom, there are many different ways of being young. Some animals might go through metamorphosis and juveniles look completely different from adults, like tadpoles growing into frogs, but many animals are capable of fending for themselves moments after being born. Not humans, though.

Compared to most animals, humans take a really long time to mature. It usually takes the better part of a year for us to learn to walk, a few years to learn to talk enough to adequately communicate with the rest of our species, and an untold amount of time before they're capable of getting their own food. 

Why are humans so powerless for so long?

There are many reasons, but it really boils down to our big brains. Sure, we can't really use them well at first, but we need to strike a balance between having a brain that's developed well enough while still being small enough to go through the birth canal. 

This delicate balance may cause some big trade-offs with a baby's independence, but it also leads to some pretty funky ways that they make the transition from infancy all the way up to adolescence. 

If you didn't already think that babies were weird enough already, wait until you hear SciShow explain how changing color, dying brain cells, and shivering are all major factors in growing up.

Check it out:


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