9 Strange Ways Animals Communicate With Each Other

Rhinos are such crappy communicators.

Animal communication is so interesting to humans, that it's one of the first things that all young children are taught. Very few toddlers have not been asked, "What sound does a cow make?" or "What does a dog say?" While we're very familiar with how some animals pass information to one another, others are able to do it in pretty unexpected ways.

There are lots of reasons that animals need to communicate: to claim territory, to warn others of a predator coming, to find food, and even to find a mate.

Vocalizing in order to communicate isn't always as straightforward as we may think. Sometimes there are too many other animals making noise and it's hard to compete, the information needs to be available at a great distance, or maybe the animal's home doesn't carry sound very well. Whatever the obstacle, animals have usually evolved a way around it, with some pretty awesome results. 


A recent SciShow video has presented 9 of the weirdest ways that animals are able to communicate with one another that aren't incredibly obvious to humans. 

Take a look at the video and instead of asking a preschooler a softball question like, "Can you make a noise like a horse?" try asking them if they can headbang like an African demon mole rat, which is obviously a lot cooler anyway. If it's not your kid and you don't have to clean up the mess, you can always tell them to communicate like a rhino, too.

Check it out here:


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