What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Too Much Water?

Everything in moderation.

We all know what happens if the human body doesn't have enough water, blood, or oxygen: dehydration, exsanguination, and asphyxiation. In short, dying a horrible death. 

SciShow recently asked: If not getting enough of those things is bad for the human body, is it possible to have too much of them? Could it even kill you?

Everything the body does is based on chemical reactions, dependent on concentrations of every component staying in a certain range. Sure, there's a bit of wiggle room, so we don't immediately die if we get a little thirsty, but there are some hefty consequences if we stray too far outside of what our body needs.


The body has a pretty good system for keeping concentrations of fluids and other necessary components in check, but some diseases can affect how the body deals with regulating itself. There are other situations where too much water or oxygen is in someone and the body simply doesn't have enough time to deal with it.

Listen to Hank Green explain why all good things should be done in moderation here:


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