This Is What It Would Be Like To LIVE On Mars

Would you go?

Humans have had a pretty good run here on Earth, but some people now have their eyes set on spreading over to our red neighbor, Mars.

NASA plans to launch a human mission to Mars in the 2030s, but a private company called Mars One believes they can colonize Mars by 2027. There are a number of considerations for the long-term space travel required  to get there, and once the astronauts arrive they will face a whole host of new challenges.

As the latest video from SciShow Space explains, Mars isn't  equipped to deal with the most basic needs of human : food, shelter, or air. But that doesn't rule out the possibility of  living there. They'll just have to bring equipment and find ways to make the planet a little more hospitable.


Along with bringing their own shelter, the astronauts will need to figure out how to make the soil fertile enough to grow food, and how to manufacture enough oxygen. (The crops alone won't produce enough to breathe, and the Total Recall method won't work either. Sorry Arnold.)

Think you could handle being one of the first colonists on Mars? 

Check out the video and find out:


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