The Psychology Of Internet Trolls

"Don't feed the trolls."

If you take a look at almost any forum on the internet, there's a definite constant: people who don't play well with others, otherwise known as trolls.

Most trolling is good natured, just messing with people for a laugh. Ken M is the undisputed king of this type of trolling, asking bizarre questions and making outrageously out-of-left-field comments that confuse the hell out of anyone who thinks he's being serious.

That type of trolling is all well and good, but unfortunately, that's not the only kind there is. Some take things way too far.


Some internet trolling is more like cyberbullying, doing things that intentionally distress someone or even make them fear for their safety. This type of trolling is most definitely not okay.

But who are these internet trolls?

Why do they do it?

What the hell is wrong with them?

The latest video from SciShow tackles the psychology of internet, answering these questions and many more, which is a good thing.

Understanding who these people are and what motivates them is an important factor in figuring out the best way to deal with them, how to get them to stop, and maybe even how to prevent them from doing abusive things in the first place.

Check out the psychology of trolling here:

Still not sure of how to conduct yourself online? Not to worry, we have a helpful 7 step guide that will walk you right through it.

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