3 Behaviors Your Dog Does When It's Time To Go To The Vet

What is your dog telling you?

Man's best friend is capable of doing some pretty hilarious things. Whether it's chasing their tails, overreacting to vacuums, or having WAY too much fun in a ball pit, dogs are usually doing something fun that makes us smile. 

Every now and again, a dog will do something that's pretty far out of the ordinary, which can look pretty funny. Especially if the dog is known for being playful and silly, we might be tempted to just take a picture and post it on social media, laughing at our furry friend's latest exploits. 

Dog owners need to be careful not to dismiss something so quickly. While it's normally easy to tell when a dog is feeling sick, there are certain things that may seem cute or funny at first glance but are actually signs that you need to call the vet immediately.


This SciShow video breaks down 3 main things that the family pooch should not be doing. Two of them are out of our control when they happen and require a quick response, with the third being in danger solely because we put them there.

Learn what your dog should not be doing here:


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