When Will Science Be Able Freeze People And Thaw Them Out In The Future?

Hey, it works in the movies.

Nobody likes facing the thought of their own mortality, so it makes sense that we love the idea of cryonics, which would freeze our bodies solid until the day comes when we can be thawed out later, affording a level of immortality.

Cryonics is a concept that worked in Austin Powers, Demolition Man, Idiocracy, and to a lesser degree, Frozen.

Okay, so even if we can't thaw people with love like Elsa, surely we can do it with science, right? Modern medical science is completely amazing and is constantly doing things that only existed in our wildest sci-fi dreams before. 


In order to understand where we are with cryonics as a reality, we don't need to look much further than a recent video from SciShow. As they explain, this technology is already in use in certain areas of human health and researchers are constantly working on improving methods to make it more feasible on a larger scale.

While the idea of using cryonics to gain immortality might be best left in fiction, there are some incredibly practical life-saving uses that we are very excited to see come into reality.

Check it out here: 


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