These Are The Best Single Dads In The Animal Kingdom

Dads of the year!

Throughout the animal kingdom, credit for care of offspring goes largely to the mother. While that is true for many species, there are some that the father gets all of the credit for raising the children.

All parents know that caring for kids is no easy feat and for animals, it's especially difficult. Having to guard the eggs (or growing the babies inside their bodies) makes it difficult to eat or protect themselves from predators. Once the babies are born, the parent also has to find food for them and keep them safe from predators until they are old enough to care for themselves. 

In the latest video from SciShow, host Hank Green runs down some animals where single dads put their own well-being on the line to give their children the best chance possible.

Check out some of the greatest dads in the animal kingdom here:


Want to see a seahorse giving birth again?

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