9 Animals That Will Probably Outlive Humans

They're more hardcore than we are.

Since life on Earth first began almost 4 billion years ago, evolution has brought about an incredible number of changes. Because of changes in the environment, atmosphere, as well as natural disasters like the asteroids, the dominant species on the planet comes and goes, replaced by something better suited for the new conditions. 

Will there be an end to the reign of humans on the planet?

It's possible. After all, human-driven climate change is changing the world in a big way, and there will be devastating consequences for people around the globe.


There's also the chance we'll do something stupid like this:

But even if the world is no longer fit for humans, that doesn't mean that other forms of life won't be able to find a way.

The latest video from SciShow breaks down 9 animal species that are so hardcore, they will definitely fare better than humanity in a variety of post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Comforting? Not really. 

Incredibly awesome? Definitely.

Check them out here:


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