5 Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

Is it time to call the doctor?

Nobody likes to see their fingernails discolored, bumpy, or flaky, but when it happens, it could mean a lot more than a need to get a manicure.

Because of the ways fingernails grow, they are a record of the body's health at the time those cells were pushed out. 

Some changes in the nail are innocuous and can happen after having an infection, even if it's not incredibly serious. On the other hand, nails can also indicate life-threatening diseases such as respiratory disease, AIDS, and even certain types of cancer.

SciShow host Hank Green reveals 5 things your nails are trying to tell you about your health that you need to check out.

REMEMBER: If your nails are showing something you think indicates a bigger problem, schedule an appointment with your doctor.


Cover image: Shutterstock


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