10 Adorable Animals With Surprisingly Scary Behaviors

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Nature is all about survival, which means that evolution has come up with some interesting ways of allowing animals the opportunity to eat, survive, and reproduce in order to get ahead. 

Some animals have really extreme ways of finding a mate, while others don't need to rely on their looks. Some are insanely adorable while others look like they exist only to be terrifying

And there are the animals that we think are cute and friendly because they're so darn cute, but they have a sinister surprise or two up their sleeves.


SciShow has made a list celebrating this special group of animals. Sure, they're adorable and you kind of just want to hug them, but they could kill you and not even feel bad about it. Don't come down on them too hard; even the fuzziest and most doe-eyed of creatures just wants to live, after all.

It's just one more reminder that no matter how cute and cuddly we think wildlife can be, it's better for everyone if we just leave them the heck alone.

Check them out here: 

Animals aren't the only forms of life you can't judge by their appearances. Even lima beans are downright cutthroat when it comes to surviving.

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Cover image: Shutterstock


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