Scientists On Twitter Are Trying To Find The Most Impressive Penis In The Animal Kingdom, And The Candidates Are Amazing

NSFW. Maybe. Depends on your office's policy regarding animal penises.

As far as evolution is concerned, whoever reproduces wins. Any organism that doesn't reproduce doesn't get the chance to pass along its genes and contribute to the future of the species. This fierce competition has brought about some incredible adaptations that give certain males an advantage over others during the mating process. Over time, species evolve some pretty impressive hardware.

Because reproduction is the top priority for most species on Earth, it only makes sense that the scientists who study these animals need to know a lot about their genitals. Also, knowing how a species reproduces is essential when trying to plan conservation efforts.

But there's one important question that remains: whose 'junk' reigns supreme? Who has evolution graced with the most impressive genitals? Biologists from many different disciplines have taken to Twitter, using #JunkOff to show off the assets of the species they study. But, let's be honest, not even scientists are serious all the time.

Check out some of the top contender in this hilarious contest:

(Warning: so many animal penises ahead. SO many.)


1. Mammals started the competition strong.

2. Insects have a lot going on, too.

3. The hemipenes make snakes a great contender.

4. But the mammals aren't going to give up that easily!

5. Rhesus macaques: "Flaunt it if ya got it."

6. Arachnids kick the competition up a notch.

7. Some of the submissions are absolutely jaw-dropping.

8. Fish are also in it to win it.

9. Though it's largely been a contest looking for impressive penises, the ladies have a lot going on as well.

10. The walrus could easily run away with the title.

11. Kangaroos have a lot to show 'down under'

12. It's kind of uncomfortable that he's making eye contact, isn't it?

13. Unfortunately, some animals just couldn't hang among such fierce competition.

14. The botanists make things awkward by reminding us we stick our faces in plant junk and take a big whiff all the time.

15. The invertebrates are making a really strong case for themselves.

So which animal do you think has the most impressive junk? Vote for your favorite in the comments, and join the #JunkOff conversation on Twitter to figure out which evolutionary adaptation rules them all. For science!

[Header image via: Anne Hilborn]

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