Scientists And Actors Unite Against Climate Change In Open Letter

“It is time to get serious."

Scientists are teaming up with some of Hollywood's most famous names to demand environmental reform. A group of 200 researchers, actors, musicians, and artists have banded together to pen a public plea to world leaders, asking them to act "firmly and immediately" in tackling climate change

In an open letter published on Monday in the French daily newspaper, Le Monde, the group warns of imminent "global catastrophe," should politicians not stand up and give the issue of climate change the attention that it needs. 

"It is time to get serious," the letter reads, according to a France24 translation. "The sixth mass extinction is taking place at unprecedented speed. But it is not too late to avert the worst." It goes on to describe climate change and "the collapse of biodiversity" as "the greatest challenge in the history of mankind." 

The letter, penned by Juliette Binoche and astrophysicist Aurélien Barrau, gathered hundreds of signatures from fellow stars and scientists. The signatories included many well-known directors, artists, and actors, including Bradley Cooper, Ethan Hawke, John Tuturro, Willem Defoe, Jude Law, Ralph Fiennes, Patti Smith, David Cronenberg, Jane Birkin, and Marion Cotillard. 

Acclaimed scientists, like climatologist Jean Jouzel, mathematician Mikhaïl Gromov, and and physicist Carlo Rovelli, also joined Barrau in signing the public plea. 

As scientists point to climate change as the cause of increasing temperatures across the globe, more and more public figures are publicly voicing the need for political leaders to take quicker and more efficient action. This letter's publication comes only days after French Environmental Minister Nicolas Hulot abruptly resigned from his position during a live radio interview, citing his disappointment with the government's lack of urgency in changing environmental policy. 

"We're taking little steps," he said at the time. "But are little steps enough?... the answer is no."

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