Science Knows How To Make You Hornier And It's Super Simple

Simple solution for gettin' some.

Lack of sleep screws up your screwing.


According to science, that old excuse of "I'm too tired to have sex" might actually have something to it. 

The good news? More sleep will increase your sexual appetite and performance. 

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered that women who sleep more, get more, DNews reports. The researchers had college women fill out questionnaires based on their sleep and sex habits. 

The results? For every extra hour of sleep the women had, they were 14 percent more inclined to have sex.  And women who slept more reported more vaginal lubrication.

Researchers aren't exactly sure why, but they suspect lack of sleep may disrupt hormone levels.

What about guys?

Dudes need their sleep too. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that even one week of less sleep can lower testosterone levels to that of a male 15 years his senior and disrupt sexual appetite. 

So stop staying up all night or at least take a nap. 

Think about how much happier the average person would be if they just had a few more zzzs.

Watch this clip from DNews to find out the details.

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