Here Are Some Things You Didn't Know About Internet Trolls, But Should

Well, this explains a lot.

Internet trolls. You can't escape them. They thrive in the comment section of articles, online videos, and across social media platforms. They always seem to find a way to rile someone up. 

In case you've made it this far in your online life without learning what they are, Internet trolls are people who deliberately try to start arguments, insult, and harass others online for their own amusement. But the question is why? What excites someone about upsetting a stranger online? 

In a recent video released by YouTube channel AsapScience, we get a better understanding of who Internet trolls are and why they do what they do. 


Here are some things we learned:

Approximately 5.6 percent of people identify themselves as trolls or enjoy trolling on the Internet.

Trolls were found to display much higher rates of psychopathy, narcissism, sadism, and Machiavellianism than the average person, according to a 2014 study at the University of Manitoba.

Studies have shown a connection between Internet trolls and anti-social behavior.

Trolls comment more and get more replies online than non-trolls. The more negative feedback a troll receives, the worse their behavior online gets.

That's exactly why you should never feed the trolls.

Learn more about Internet trolls by watching the entire video below:


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