7 Science Games That Kids Can Play Online

Fun and learning all in one.

Kids these days have access to the Internet's seemingly endless supply of information, all at their little fingertips. But if their interests tend to be limited to online games, gentle parental coaxing can lean them toward those that are both fun and educational. Thankfully, there are a ton of online science games for kids that fall into that category.

Games involving science that also instill in kids the importance of critical thinking skills are a doubly whammy. With their hyper-absorbent brains, children are like sponges, soaking up information that shapes them later in life. Studies have shown that many kids view the science subject as intimidating or uninteresting, particularly when it comes to young girls. Even adults are often known to lament, "I'm so bad at science (or math)."

That perception, particularly when reinforced by grown-ups, breeds the mentality that the subject is only for geniuses with high IQs, when in fact, a love for science can be cultivated from a young age.

That's why engaging them in in a fun, familiar way (like on the Internet) can be an easy first step into encouraging their curiosity and to show them that it is possible to learn almost anything they want to about the world around them.


1. Dinosaur Maker

Mr. Nussbaum

This Mr. Nussbaum interactive game lets kids mix and match dinosaur body parts to create their own dinosaur.

2. Go With the Flow


The goal of this NASA game is to design the water current to let the player reach the treasure chest by submarine. 

3. Make a Planet


Kids can make their own planet, including the shape of land, types of trees and weather. Available on the Kids Astronomy website.

4. Changing Sounds


Kids can experiment with different types of instruments with this music game. It also teaches them how different sounds are created. Available on the Science Kids website.

5. The Periodic Table of Comic Books


This website lists out comic book pages for each element and is a fun way to introduce kids to the sometimes daunting periodic table.

6. Food Chain


This colorful game by Miamiopia teaches kids about who eats what in the food chain.

7. M.I. High


This detective game helps kids learn about gravity, mass and weight.

Cover image via iStock / SerrNovik


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