You Aren't Crazy. Your Insane Love Of Puppies And Babies Is Actually Rooted In Genetics.

Completely normal, for the most part.

1. Whenever you see something really cute and cuddly, you know that immediate feeling of happiness you feel?


3. It's not just you freaking out. It's actually completely normal because that feeling is something that has been programmed in our brains.

According to this Tech Insider video, it's due to something called the "Kinderschema" or "Child Scheme."

Basically, it boils down to a number of traits that we register in our brains as "cute."

It's not just babies either. It can be animals or even inanimate objects as well. Remember that teddy bear growing up?

As the video further explains, due to our genetics and evolution, "instinct programs us to take care of anything baby-like."

Not only does it tell us to care for what we find cute, it also releases dopamine in our brains, similar to how a drug would.

8. In essence, we are addicted to things that are cute and the only cure is more puppy Instagram accounts to follow. Poor us.

Learn more in the interesting (and cute) video below.


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