There's A Science To Why Pixar Movies Make You Cry. Here's The Secret.

It all makes sense now.

Pixar's run of success in animated films is unprecedented. From Toy Story to A Bug's Life to Monsters, Inc. to Finding Nemo to Up to Inside Out, all of the animation studio's movies have always been visually stunning, but more importantly, the writing has consistently had a depth that truly makes them the rare films an entire family can enjoy in different ways.

Specifically, there's always a certain spark to Pixar films that cut viewers deep, like the strong bond between Boo and Sully in Monsters, Inc. or the intensely emotional lifelong relationship depicted in the first five minutes of Up. As it turns out, there's a measured science to how those storylines are formed, and it's a lot more systematic than you'd expect.

Above Average put together a video explaining the detailed process. Here's what the Pixar "Sadness Studios" does on a daily basis:


It's a simple mission statement.

Human tears are collected with extreme care.

It's the testing rooms that get the most heavy, though.

And the "Toy Story 4" testing room? You don't even want to go in there.

Check out Above Average's full sketch below:


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